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Stuff [Apr. 21st, 2005|09:18 am]
[mood |anxiouswaiting...waiting...waiting]
[music |Nada Surf- Popular]

Anyway… so much… bla bla bla… So I have a baby inside of my and it’s very exciting. I still don’t know how far along I am. I’m waiting for the Dr. to cal me back with the results of my quantitative blood test and due date. I need to be able to bring my due date to my student adviser to get advice on what to do about school for the next couple of semesters. I need to keep my scholarship.

The end of the school year is drawing near. I finished my GEO class early online and got an ‘A’. Today is the last day of English 1102 and so far I have an ‘A’ in there too. I don’t know if I’ll still have it after final exams and portfolios are graded but I think I should. Finals for Gerontology and Nutrition are in about 2 weeks! YAY! Almost done!

I got my Victory Style 1- 4 c.d.’s that I bought on half.com in the mail and I am ecstatic. I love these c.d.’s. I used to have all of them but they were stolen and I haven’t heard them in years. It’s funny how I still knew all the words when I popped one in last night. I’m looking forward to listening to #3 in the truck on the way to school in Tampa today. It was my favorite one. Alright, I’m gone.
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BABY! [Apr. 15th, 2005|04:36 pm]
[mood |quixoticHappy Out of My Mind!]
[music |Better than Ezra- Good]

I went to the dr. and got blood work done. It's official: I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!! I'm so ecstatic, excited, and sick, and tired but that's okay. I'm going to HAVE A BABY! I'm excited, David's excited, my parents, his parents, our friends and family, ALL EXCITED! I'm going to have little Davey Thomas Connolly III. or Genevieve Michelle Connolly!!! YAY! Gotta go eat, puke, and nap.
P.S. David told his sister that she can move into the other side of our duplex. HE's GIVING HER ANOTHER CHANCE TO REDEEM HERSELF! He even TOLD HER HE LOVED HER!!! She cried and it was sweet. I think it's good or him to attempt to let the grudge go and good for her recovery and emotional health. Besides, I wouldn't mind my sober sister- in - law living next to me. It could be fun and at least I don't have to worry about someone not paying or messing up the side of the duplex that I like the best. This is a major step in the recovery of their relationship and David's grudge- holding problem. This is awesome! This week is getting better all the time (aside from the obvious physical ailments).
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2005|01:25 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Otis Redding-Sitting at the Dock of the Bay]

So I took a pee test today... there were TWO DARK LINES! AHHHHH! :):):):):):):p:p Anyway...just wanted to drop that news. Can't get that excited yet, g2g to the doc.
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Moving?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?! [Apr. 6th, 2005|09:48 pm]
[mood |pensiveoverwhelmed/ excited]
[music |sleepy silence]

Ok so I haven’t been on here in a while. I’ve had so much going on. I’m almost finished with school- well like a month left, and I’ve had so much homework and so many tests to study for- and the projects… sheesh. Well, I’m moving from one side of the duplex to the other and I’m kind of overwhelmed by it. I finally got my side to the way I want it. It has everything I like from the paint and crown molding to the hardwood floor and tile. The side we’re moving into has carpet and linoleum and really tacky wallpaper. It’s dirty and stuff is broken. I’m a bit overwhelmed and I kind of freaked out when I found out but my mom came over and made me feel better. She made me realize that there are so many things that I can do to the place to get it how I want it and, as soon as the addition iss done, we’ll have a four bedroom/ two bathroom house with a garage and I can have it exactly how I want it. I can have a bedroom, office, nursery and guestroom, or maybe that will be a playroom- either way… it’ll be good. I was just worried about when I’ll have the time to do all of these renovations so I decided that I should not take any summer classes this year. It’s too much. In the past year I graduated from high school, got married, started college, and moved. I need a break. Besides I have my one year anniversary, my cousins wedding and my in-laws trip to Disney this summer. I want to take advantage of the relax time. Besides I can spend more time making money and fixing my new home; that’s what it will be, a home. YAY! Now for a child. GOD MY CAT'S SHIT STINX!DAMNIT!
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2005|07:41 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished-- yeaahahahaha!]
[music |Musical Youth- Pass the Dutchie]

My fucking spring break was fucking…. I don’t know what the fuck happened. Anyway, I went to a few baby showers and a couple birthday parties. It was fun but after buying all of those presents, I’m broke. I worked most of the week. I caught up with my homework, finally! Back 2 school tomorrow.
A couple of good things about this week- I got to spend some quality time with my husband…I spent needed friend time with my buddy Drew, my friend Jme is happy… Oh and I got to see some people I haven’t seen in a really long time. That was really refreshing and I really needed it. Well, I must get to cleaning. My house is the messiest I’ve ever seen it!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!
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SPRING BREAK MAYHEM [Mar. 14th, 2005|08:22 am]
[mood |ditzyok]
[music |Jefferson Airplane-Don't You Want Somebody to Love?]

Hey everyone! It's spring break and I'm spread as thin as ever...no homework-well maybe a little- but I've got to do my rounds... I've got to go visit some people that I've been putting off and I told our 9 month pregnant tenant that I would help her paint her nursery in her new house...I feel so bad for her...her mom died the same week that her first child's father left her, and now they're home buyiing experience iis being prolonged and she has a schedulled c section in a week. No baby shower yet even! I got her one of those pacifier thermometers and she cried. There's a couple people I don't hang out with very often that II'm definately looking forward to seeing. BUT...I have to work most of the week too. OH FUCKING WELL!
Hey Hey...HO. Oh yeah. JME...I know what you mean. Compilation cds are the best. A long time ago Davids fave cd was Punk O Rama 2.1 which is like a 90 something warp tour promo thing. Anyway, his sister's pit bull broke it so I searched for fucking ever to find it and finally I think Drew found it for me. It was his Valentine's Day gift a couple of years ago and he was ecstatic. THEN, hhiis car was broken into and my $300 Xmas present stereo that he got me was stolen and to top it all off...GUESS what was in it! THE PUNK O RAMA 2.1 cd I had spent so much time getting. Next time I get it I'm going to copy it like a hundred times.
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SHIT ON A STICK [Mar. 10th, 2005|12:23 am]
[mood |sleepysleep? what's that?]
[music |Seether]

I just finished this huge project for nutrition. It took me all day from the asscrack of dawn til like 15 minutes ago. Anyway, I'm glad that's over. I actually feel like I've put a dent in my workload....NOT! Oh well. I'm slowly getting there. You ever meet someone you're just drawn to and it's super odd...like...fuck i don't know. Anyway...
My friend who was talking shit about me called and I feel better. I rerhearsed what I wanted to say to her in my mind-it was very tactful and thorough. However, when the time comes, I always just let the opportunity slip away. The problem is patched and I go on. I don't feel angry afterward...still a little hurt, but relieved that it's all over. Later, when something similar happens, I want to bring it up but I feel like I missed my chance and that it's unfair to bring up something that's been bothering me when they never even knew about it. It's not their fault I never said anything.
ANYWAY....I havee a gerontology exam in the morning and I have to get an oil change (it's been like 9,000 miles...YUCKO)! Getting tired and raaaammmbblliinnggggggggg oooonnnnn annnddd ooooonnnnn......shit gotta clean the turtle thing. Damn.
PS. My friend Faith is having a baby and I'm not...boo hoo:(
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2005|11:13 pm]
[mood |stressedundescribable]
[music |Candle- Sonic Youth]

I did more homework today. What a fucking surprise! I stewed over my friend issues and debated my worth as a good person. I decided that even if I am a sociopath, and I never really help people, at least I think I help people. That makes me have a nice heart. What ever! MONKEY NUT FUCKING CRACKER FUCKERS! Ha… that makes me feel better.
Anyway, I was supposed to stay home and do homework but one of our workers quit so I got called in. I feel bad for him but then again, I wasn’t there… and then I had to be…so maybe I don’t. My mind is crowded. My work is backed up like a South American POTTY! ASSEATERS ANONYMOUSLY EATING ASSPINCTOR* S! I feel like I have electronic Terett's... and I LIKE IT!
I decided to take the advice of a sometimes wise friend, Drew, and talked to my husband about some issues we were having and I feel better in that department. There are still so many unsettling departments of my life. There are just too many departments… I feel like I’m in FUCKING WAL-MART!
I want to fucking move away… or stay… I’m just so indecisive.
OH SHIT I SHOULD BE DOING HOMEWORK. I live in cyberspace you know… I should probably learn a little more about it.
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Fucking Homework and Fucking "Friends" [Mar. 6th, 2005|10:57 pm]
[mood |disappointedwhat-the-FUCK-ever]

Tonight I did homework for fucking hours. I feel like I’ve fallen in a perpetual pit of files and folders and I’m getting paper cuts on my A$$ and EYEBALLS. grrraaaaAAAAH! Fuck it. At least I have homework to do… I guess. I’m way overwhelmed. It’s like I have an incessant amount of stuff and people depending on me and there are only certain ones that I want.
Lately I’ve been rethinking the relationships I have with my “friends”. I’m thinking that most of them are… not so much. Maybe I don’t have any that are real. I drowned myself in Bacardi last night… way after our friends left. While they were still there and I was well on my way to LoopyVille, one of my girlfriends told me that my best friend of many years was saying some really hurtful things about me and making some very untrue accusations. I’m fucking offended at the shit she said I did… I’m even more offended that she feels the need to talk about me to other friends of mine the way she did. I don’t even talk to her long enough to be mean or rude to her. FUCK friends.
Maybe I don’t even need them…HA! That’s utter bullshit. This coming from a girl who can’t be alone in her own house for more that an hour. I am so annoyed with people thinking “Oh that’s Joy… she doesn’t care… Oh. No. Joy doesn’t really get hurt by what people say.” Call me a fucking pussy if u want to but It’s fucking HUMAN NATURE! What-the-fuck-ever.
Maybe all the years of being nice and trying to help people, and never expecting anything in return except a little respect, was in vain. Maybe I’m not even a nice person like I think I am. Maybe I’m a fucking sociopath and I think I’m a good person but I’m really just selfish. That would totally justify the reactions of people who label themselves as my “friends”. This is not for all of my friends…just for my “friends”. They’ll probably never see this anyway so who fucking cares? Shit Monkey FUCKPISS!
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This Shit Sux [Mar. 3rd, 2005|12:30 pm]
[mood |pessimisticcrapola]

I can't figure anything out. Does that make me a failed nerd or even more of one? Fuck it. Trial and error.
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