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A Long- Overdue Update - Joi to the World [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A Long- Overdue Update [Oct. 6th, 2005|09:48 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |The sound of Nextels in the Background]

Wow. It’s been a long time since I posted. Well, our addition was taking too long and costing too much money. We decided to rent just to have room for the baby. In the process of looking we were approved for a loan, found a house, AND BOUGHT IT! YAY! It’s in my childhood neighborhood of Gateway-, which has improved immensely over the years since I lived there. The house is a 3/1/1 with a lanai and tool room for David (and a big yard with a weird monkey cage- like thing in it).


I am officially 8 months pregnant today and am definitely doing the nesting thing in our new home: hanging pictures and working on the baby room.

We have a lot of things to situate but hopefully I’ll be getting some reimbursement for some medical care I received for my accident last December within the next week. That will help immensely.

We no longer have an internet connection and it will probably be a while before we can get one. I have to do all of this at work when no one is looking.

I had my baby shower last a couple of weekends ago and got most of the stuff I need. YIPPEEE!!!

David is thinking of getting a new job… he hates the one he’s got and- since I work there too-I understand at least partially. His sister Stacy’s boyfriend says that he can get him a high paying job with the electrical union with excellent benefits. I think he should take it but I have to support him in anything that he wants to do because I love him and want him to be happy.

My sister here just got out of the hospital from a horrible staff infection and we recently found out she’s on probation and is going to be sent to a long term residential rehab program. This is wonderful news. She didn’t get in enough trouble to die or go to jail but just enough to be forced to get help- and my parents don’t have to pay for it! The only problem is that the court system takes soooooo long.

My other sister in Tennessee is recovering from having a stint put in her heart. No one ever told me that anything was wrong with her but she should certainly quit smoking now. I want to go visit her but my Dr. would rather me not travel now.

Alright… there’s so much going on and I know I have missed very important events. However, I think I’ve basically caught everyone up.


Oh yeah... and all of the complications I have had 1 after another after another throughout my pregnancy have finally cleared up and I am expected to have a healthy delivery!

[User Picture]From: joi_vey
2005-10-07 04:08 pm (UTC)
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