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Update on Everything Joy [May. 4th, 2005|08:45 pm]
[mood |blahhmmm- that's a hard one]
[music |none- it's silent]


So I got the results of my quantitative blood test a while ago- 82,806. What the hell does that mean?! My OB wanted my primary physician to send me for a size and date sonogram to see how far along I am because, as a result of my recent cysts, they can’t accurately figure it according to my period. So, on a reference scale they figured that I was between 5 and 12 weeks. THAT’S A LOT OF FUCKING DIFFERENCE! The whole point in ordering the sonogram was to figure out how far along I am. Anyway, my OB was annoyed with that. PS- my OB delivered our favorite 2 year old- Klaudia!

I had some gut-wrenching pain in my abdomen so I called my mother who came to pick me up and brought me to the OB- who I had never actually seen before. The Dr.s were in surgery so I talked to a nurse who apparently is an old friend of my mom’s. Not only did she order an immediate sonogram at Manatee Memorial Hospital, but she also gave some medical advice to my mother who is meeting up with her for coffee to catch up on old times. I had the sonogram done and I got to see the baby and hear his/ her heartbeat. They ran tests and concluded that my baby is very healthy and that the pain I had experienced was caused by my tilted pelvis interacting with a rapidly growing fetus and stretching a ligament. I am very excited but I David was very upset that he did not get to hear the heartbeat (he couldn’t get out of work). Anyway, as of today I am 10 weeks and 3 days and my due date is December 1!

I went for my first actual OB appt today with David. I just met with the nurse and went over family histories, paperwork and insurances. I feel much better about the whole process. I was sent to Quest Diagnostics to have routine blood work screens done and to my surprise they took TEN VILES OF MY BLOOD! AHHHH! I took a nap and watched the PBS- NOVA video “Life’s Greatest Miracle” which is an amazing video from conception to birth. I had to watch it in child psych. Even if you think you know the process, you will be amazed. You can watch it online at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/miracle/program.html


I got an A in Geology, a B in Gerontology, a C in Nutrition (which is actually more like chemistry) and a tentative A in English pending the grading of my final and portfolio. I intend on taking all online classes this semester so I don’t have to bee big and pregnant driving to Tampa, and I can finish before finals which are on the week of my due date. Then, I will have all of winter break, take spring semester off, and all of summer -before I take some classes again next fall- to bond with my baby. My academic advisor is sending me some info on classes to take. I still need to talk to someone about the Bright Future’s Scholarship situation though.


The addition to the house is about to begin. Hopefully, after it does, it will only take about 3 months to complete if weather permits. I need to have a nursery for my baby. I am so cramped where I am. I’ve been told that I’m “nesting” and it is a terrible feeling when renovating. Nothing seems to work. The dishwasher, the washer and dryer, the bathtub! AHHHH! I need to paint and I need a pretty space to put baby! I don’t understand this feeling but it overwhelms me. The crew is starting on the tub within a week or so, during which time, I won’t have a place to shower.


David -the workaholic- has been working not only as the manager at City Electric Supply Company (where I am the secretary) but also at Blockbuster at night (where I used to work). He is always gone and I know that he is just trying to prepare for the baby financially; I still miss him a lot. I wait up for him and, when he gets home, he talks to the baby through my bellybutton. It’s endearing. David is being very supportive of me at this time (as much as he can- understand that he’s a man and he doesn’t understand). I am very grateful for him right now. He is even going to all of my appointments with me. YAY! This way I don’t have to explain shit to him later. He can hear it for himself.


I am ecstatic about having a baby. I am also super- super- super depressed. With the whole David being gone and my unbelievable urge to make everything around me pretty, I am overwhelmed. I don’t even get out of bed sometimes. I feel like hell but I make myself get up and go do things and see people that I haven’t seen in a while- my sister Tammie, Drew, people… etc. That’s good but I’m extremely sad- and bored!


My sister is in detox, AGAIN! She went to First Step Detox Center (same place she went last time). Last time (about a month ago) she thought she could stay clean on her own without any help. She is willing to go somewhere this time. She needs to go to a year program but if she’s willing to go to a 30 day program, it’s better than nothing. Besides, being away from her cat has been keeping her from going and the one she’s considering would allow us to bring her cat to visit on weekends. This will be good for her although the place she’s going isn’t exactly known for its high success rate.

My friend Auna broke up with her abusive girlfriend finally but it ended in Auna’s eviction. She told me she’s call me when she moved. I bought her some sushi and couldn’t find her. Her mom said that she had moved in with her business partner and his wife on Siesta Key a couple of weeks ago but never left a name or number. I know it is like her to leave her insane mother, but not to leave her little brother and sister. She sees them every day- or used to. I’m really worried about her.

My good friend Michelle has moved back here from Rochester New York and we have a lot of catching up to do. She has a baby and has been in college and we haven’t talked much because wee can’t communicate over the phone (she’s Deaf). We’ve been talking over the IM and it’s great. I’m hanging out with her sometime this weekend.

WELL… I’ve babbled on now for a very long time cause it may- or may not- be a while before I update again. BYE!